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A Detailed Review of the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit

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In the world of beekeeping, choosing the right equipment is paramount, not only for the beekeeper’s ease of use but also for the health and productivity of the bee colony. Among the numerous options available in the market, the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit has emerged as a popular choice for its comprehensive offerings and robust build. This article provides an in-depth review of this hive kit, scrutinizing its features, assembly, performance, durability, and support.

Features and Design

The Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit is, as its name suggests, a complete solution for those embarking on their beekeeping journey or expanding their existing apiary. It includes all the necessary components to establish a functional, bee-friendly hive.

The kit typically comprises two deep brood boxes, where the queen lays eggs and the majority of the bee colony resides. Each brood box accommodates 10 frames, offering ample space for the colony to flourish. To complement the brood boxes, the kit includes an additional medium super, the section of the hive where bees store the surplus honey, which beekeepers harvest.

One standout feature of this kit is the inclusion of pre-assembled wooden frames with a coated plastic foundation. These foundations not only encourage the bees to build their comb but also simplify the inspection and honey extraction processes for the beekeeper. Additionally, the kit contains a telescoping cover with a metal cap, an inner cover, and a solid bottom board, each playing a vital role in maintaining the hive’s internal environment.

Ease of Assembly

When it comes to setting up the hive, the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit scores high on the ease-of-assembly scale. While some bee hive kits require complex assembly, the Mann Lake kit stands out with pre-assembled frames, a real boon, particularly for beginners. The hive components are designed for a simple setup, with a detailed instruction manual to guide you through each step. Whether you’re a seasoned apiarist or a novice bee enthusiast, the straightforward assembly process contributes to a stress-free start or expansion of your beekeeping endeavor.

Durability and Protection

Durability is another critical parameter in evaluating a bee hive, and the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit doesn’t disappoint. The hive components are constructed from high-quality, precision-milled lumber, promising longevity and resistance against weather elements. The solid bottom board and the metal-capped telescoping cover provide additional layers of protection, ensuring that the hive remains secure from external threats and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the wooden frames and coated plastic foundation are built to withstand the rigors of hive inspection and honey extraction, further enhancing the kit’s durability quotient.

Bee Health and Hive Productivity

A bee hive’s ultimate test lies in its ability to foster a healthy bee colony and promote hive productivity, and the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit fares well in this respect. The design of the hive emulates the conditions of a natural bee habitat. The ample space in the deep brood boxes allows the queen to lay eggs prolifically, fostering a thriving population.

The coated plastic foundation on the wooden frames provides an ideal base for the bees to build their comb, ensuring healthy brood rearing and honey storage. The hive’s structure promotes effective ventilation, a crucial aspect of maintaining a conducive bee environment. The interplay of the top cover, inner cover, and solid bottom board assists in regulating temperature and humidity within the hive.


Summarizing, the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit is a comprehensive, robust, and user-friendly solution for beekeepers. The kit’s well-thought-out design, coupled with its durable construction, facilitates a conducive environment for the bees and a seamless beekeeping experience. The ease of assembly, backed by a supportive customer service team, further enhances its appeal. As with any beekeeping equipment, it’s imperative to align your choice with your beekeeping objectives, local regulations, and the bee species you’re planning to host. But considering its versatile design and robust features, the Mann Lake Complete Hive Kit is likely to meet a wide range of beekeeping needs effectively.


Jason Otama

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