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An Extensive Review of the Busy Bees ‘N’ More Amish-Made Bee Hive

Beekeeping is a fulfilling practice that brings us closer to nature and allows us to play our part in maintaining the ecological balance. The heart of successful beekeeping lies in a quality hive, such as the Busy Bees ‘N’ More Amish-Made Bee Hive. This article provides an in-depth review of this hive, analyzing its design, durability, assembly process, and overall performance.

Design and Features

The Busy Bees ‘N’ More Amish-Made Bee Hive stands out in the beekeeping market for its expertly crafted design and impressive feature set. Constructed from top-quality Eastern pine wood, the hive showcases the workmanship of skilled Amish woodworkers. The beauty of the natural wood not only adds to the aesthetics of the hive, but it also offers a natural environment for the bees.

The hive features two deep brood boxes and two honey super boxes, providing ample space for a thriving bee colony. The brood boxes serve as the home base for the queen and her brood, while the super boxes are designed for honey storage. This structure closely mimics the natural division of labor within a bee colony, promoting healthy and organized growth.

Each box comes with frames fitted with a wax-coated plastic foundation, creating a ready base for the bees to start building their honeycombs. A telescoping top cover, inner cover, and solid bottom board are also included. These components work together to maintain an optimal internal environment within the hive, protecting the bees from harsh weather conditions and potential predators.

Ease of Assembly

The Busy Bees ‘N’ More hive is designed with ease of assembly in mind, which is a great relief, especially for beginners. The hive components are pre-cut to the exact dimensions, and pre-drilled holes are provided for hassle-free assembly. A detailed manual accompanies the hive kit, guiding users through each step of the assembly process.

Despite this simplicity in assembly, the hive retains the flexibility to adapt to the needs of your growing bee colony. You can add or remove boxes as required, ensuring the hive caters to your beekeeping objectives and the specific needs of your bee colony.

Durability and Protection

When it comes to durability, the Busy Bees ‘N’ More hive is a strong contender. The high-quality Eastern pine wood construction ensures a robust structure that can withstand various weather conditions, promising long-term durability.

The hive is treated with a weather-resistant stain, offering an added layer of protection against moisture and the elements. This protective coating not only extends the lifespan of the hive but also retains the wood’s natural look and feel, providing a comfortable home for your bees.

Bee Health and Hive Productivity

An essential aspect of beekeeping is ensuring the health and productivity of your bee colony. The Busy Bees ‘N’ More hive is designed with this in mind. The division of the hive into brood boxes and super boxes supports the bees’ natural behaviors, encouraging a well-organized and productive colony.

The hive’s design also supports good ventilation, which is crucial in maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels within the hive. The inner cover and solid bottom board contribute to this ventilation, ensuring your bees enjoy a conducive living environment.


In conclusion, the Busy Bees ‘N’ More Amish-Made Bee Hive offers a well-designed, durable, and user-friendly solution for beekeepers. Whether you’re a beginner just starting on your beekeeping journey or an experienced apiarist, this hive provides a comprehensive package that caters to a wide range of beekeeping needs.

With its solid build, ease of assembly, and design features that promote bee health and productivity, the Busy Bees ‘N’ More hive is a sound investment. And with the added bonus of top-notch customer service, this hive delivers not only in terms of its product quality but also in the overall user experience. As with any beekeeping equipment, it’s important to ensure that the hive aligns with your local regulations, beekeeping objectives, and the specific needs of your bee species. Given its robust design and features, the Busy Bees ‘N’ More hive is likely to meet these needs effectively, making it a strong contender in the beekeeping market.


Jason Otama

An avid bee enthusiast, dedicated to understanding the intricate world of these industrious insects. Passionate about apiculture, conservation, and educating others on the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem.